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Pre Sale Inspection

Sell Your Home Confidently

Opt for a Comprehensive Pre-Sale Inspection in Pensacola, FL

A pre-sale inspection provides the actual current condition of your house before listing it. As a seller, you give prospective buyers peace of mind with a professional inspection by our home inspectors. This inspection helps both sellers and buyers to plan for repairs or issues that could impact the selling price. Our inspection is designed to price your house more accurately, identify necessary repairs, and support the seller's negotiation. Schedule your inspection in Pensacola, FL, today, and let buyers know that you own a sound home.
Build Trust with Buyers

A pre-sale inspection gives a reality check since it reveals any issue with your house. Once the inspection takes place, we’ll assess everything thoroughly. If an issue you didn’t know arises, you may have to disclose it when you list your property. Regardless of the findings, this inspection establishes that you’re open about the condition of your home, allowing you to build trust with potential buyers.

Our pre-sale inspection includes:

  • Electrical inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • General home inspection
  • Roof inspection
Close a Better Deal

Get the best price for your home by addressing issues before putting it on the market! We provide an easy-to-read, detailed report with all the information you need. It includes recommendations and possible fixes and insights needed to determine whether or not you should get repairs before listing the house for sale.

Get Knowledge Advantage!