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Home Warranty Inspection

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Purchasing a new home is exciting until you discover that it's not always free of issues; this applies to old and newly constructed homes. A home warranty inspection can ensure everything is in good working order or reveal problems of a home. Trust our professional home inspectors in Pensacola, FL, to inspect your home thoroughly and provide you with valuable insights.
Learn More About a Warranty Inspection

Since issues can develop in a home at any time, many builders offer a 1-2 year warranty that covers specific items. With our warranty inspection, we visit the home around month 10 or 11 to complete a comprehensive inspection. The builder can address any defects before the warranty expires if we find any defects.

During our years of expertise, we’ve found many different defects. If this is the case, you need to provide the report to the builder based on the home warranty.

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Our inspectors follow a home warranty inspection checklist that includes the major components and systems of the interior and exterior of the homes. All of our findings are included in a detailed, easy-to-understand report. Contact our professionals in Pensacola, FL, and request your inspection today!

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