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Air Quality Inspection

A Must Before Buying a Home

Get Peace of Mind with Air Quality Testing in Pensacola, FL

The air inside your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues. For that reason, it's essential to test a house before buying it. Our professionals in Pensacola, FL, provide air quality testing and take care of every step of your air quality check.
Get to Know What's In Your Air

Here in Florida, we often see mold problems. That’s why when our air quality testing takes place, we use air samples that can alert the presence of mold spores. We use a suction machine that takes in the air’s spores, allowing us to take a sample of it. Depending on the size of the home, we may take two samples. These samples are taken inside and outside for control. From there, we send them to a lab where they’re analyzed and determine if you have mold issues or not.

Request Your Air Quality Assessment

Some air pollutants are easy to see or smell. However, many dangerous contaminants are colorless and odorless. We’ll make sure you can breathe easily at home without worrying about mold infestation or other pollutants getting in your way. Get in touch with our inspector in Pensacola, FL, to learn more about our mold testing and air purification services.

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